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DNA Activation Books to Read

For those of you who are seeking more information on the emerging paradigm of learning how to consciously interface with your DNA, we have compiled a list of books and audio resources for you to consider. We want to emphasize that we, ShapeshifterDNA, do not endorse or specifically recommend any one teaching over another, as it is our guidance and gift to embrace all teachings for their contribution to the whole. All of the books or tapes presented here have been reviewed by us and we ask that you use your own discernment to determine the validity of the teachings offered. Our guidance has taught us to always ask more questions and to continually go deeper, it is within this spirit that we offer the following for your consideration.

Books by ShapeshifterDNA

DNA Activation: Using Multidimensional Music & Sound to Awaken Humanity's Highest Potentials

ShapeshifterDNA shares guidance and information received from using the DNA.LevelOne.Activation CD series to assist in activating the multi-strand DNA matrix. DNA Activation is an intent-based conscious spiritual journey for those who seek to explore the multidimensional realms of time, space and beyond. This book is an integral guide for working with the musical soundscapes by ShapeshifterDNA to enhance ones understanding of the DNA Activation process using evolutionary sounds. These explorations will take you into the vibrational worlds of higher frequencies, connecting matter and the Divine. MORE INFO

88 pages, 8.5x11 paperback & PDF & Kindle

Also available at Amazon.com on Kindle


The Sonic Keys Series

The Sonic Keys is a series of books focused on the teachings of using Multidimensional Sound as a tool to awaken humanity's highest potentials. The concepts in these books are secondary to the higher knowledge found within the DNA Activation music. MORE INFO

First book in The Sonic Key Series is Sound, Light & FrequencyThis first book, Sound, Light & Frequency covers the basic fundamentals of learning how to work with Sound for deepening your meditations and enhancing the effects of all your transformational work.
PDF & Paperback

Available on Kindle $1.99


Second book in The Sonic Key Series is Sound, Light & FrequencyThe second book, DNA Activation 101, in the series explores the topic of DNA Activation and how using multidimensional sound created specifically for this purpose is one of the most powerful tools available for your transformational processes.
PDF / & Paperback

Available on Kindle $4.99





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The following are books/tapes/CDs that we recommend your explore. They are available for purchase through Amazon.com. We suggest you continue your search for more information - GOOGLE it :)

NOTE: This listing has not been updated in many years as we no longer read much these days. So start here and if you find something you feel should be here as well, let us know.

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Search for the following keywords to expand your explorations.

DNA, Human Genome Project, 12 Strand DNA, DNA Recoding, etc.


coverBringers of the Dawn : Teachings from the Pleidians

by Barbara Marciniak

Based on over 400 hours of channeling by trance, channel Marciniak presents the Pleiadians as a group of enlightened beings who have come to Earth to help us discover how to reach a new stage of evolution.

Some of the first channeled teachings to emerge on the 12-strand DNA, good foundation to start with. - ShapeshifterDNA


cover The Cartoon Guide to Genetics

by Larry Gonick & Mark Wheelis

Having trouble deciphering your genetic code? Do dominant genes make you feel recessive? Let reigning nonfiction cartoonist Larry Gonick and microbiologist Mark Wheelis ease your way through Mendelian genetics, molecular biology, and the basics of genetic engineering.

A fun way to learn about DNA and genetics from a scientific approach, very cleverly done. - ShapeshifterDNA

coverChange Your DNA, Change Your Life!

by Robert Gerard, PhD.

Change Your DNA, Change Your Life is a journey to better health, self-healing, and emotional freedom. It will take you to the edge of your imagination, unlock doors of limitation, and propel your creativity to dimensions of which you once only dreamed.

Robert travels the world teaching of DNA Activation work. This book gives you a great foundation for your explorations. - ShapeshifterDNA

cover Cosmic Serpent : DNA and the Origins of Knowledge

by Jeremy Narby

A personal adventure, a fascinating study of anthropology and ethnopharmacology, and, most important, a revolutionary look at how intelligence and consciousness come into being.

Great piece of work that connects many potential truths to the wonders within our DNA. Listen to the DNA CDs while reading this book and the information will travel deep into your consciousness awakening many new awarenesses about who you really are. - ShapeshifterDNA

coverEarth : Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library

by Barbara Marciniak

The bestselling author of Bringers of the Dawn presents a challenging, controversial work designed to awaken our rememberings of being members of an all-encompassing Family of Light, now ready to embrace our true psychic, emotional and physical evolution. Embraced worldwide as key spiritual teachers, the Pleidians use wit, wisdom, and deep compassion to assist us in creating a new vision of Earth. By restoring value to the human being and recognizing the Goddess energies and the power of blood as connections to our DNA, we can discover our crucial roles in the transformational process unfolding in our times.

A true classic, definitely worth reading as Barbara truly brings through some evolutionary concepts regarding our living library of information contained within our DNA. - ShapeshifterDNA

coverE.T. 101 : The Cosmic Instruction Manual

by Zoev Jho (aka Diana Luppi)

Did you arrive on this planet without a set of instructions? Have you ever secretly suspected you were adopted - from another, less dysfunctional world? Has your genetic coding (DNA) been giving you trouble lately? Do you vaguely recall a reason for being here, But are pretty sure your current job is not it? Hang in there.

A definite must read to add some very cleaver wit and humor to the subject. - ShapeshifterDNA

coverGo Up and Seek God

by Vianna Stibal

Vianna's book is on the 12 strand DNA activation. Vianna developed cancer and asked the Creator for help. With the guidance she received she developed this healing process. this book is a copy of her channeling techniques received from the Creator. it explains not only how to activate your DNA, but also how to heal yourself and others. It teaches you how to go into another's physical structure and observe what is going on inside the body.

Vianna is truly and innovative and original source of DNA Activation work. Here book is a must have for your beginning journeys into DNA Activation. - ShapeshifterDNA

coverHathor Material

By Tom Kenyon & Virginia Essene

The Hathors are fifth dimensional beings that have answers for you and the planet, they communicate through sound vibration and the information is awesome. The present some interesting info on our DNA Activation process.

A very loving energy transmission, good info on sound as well. Tom is also a musician and very involved in teaching sound work. - ShapeshifterDNA

coverMolecules of Emotion : Why You Feel the Way You Feel

By Candace B., Phd. Pert, Deepak Chopra

Dr. Pert’s pioneering research on how the chemicals inside our bodies form a dynamic information network, linking mind and body, is not only provocative, it is revolutionary. By establishing the biomolecular basis for our emotions and explaining these new scientific developments in a clear and accessible way, Pert empowers us to understand ourselves, our feelings, and the connection between our minds and our bodies -- body-minds -- in ways we could never possibly have imagined before.

cover The Power of Twelve, A New Approach to Personal Empowerment

by Anne Brewer

Join Anne Brewer on her voyage as she shows us her way to fulfillment and self-actualization. The Power of Twelve is Anne's first person account of her path toward ascension through DNA Recoding. As Anne tells us, ascension is impossible without first reconnecting the DNA since ascension requires access to a higher level of consciousness.

No one presents this material in the way that Anne does - it helps you to understand each stage and how it can impact your life in practical terms. Beautiful loving energy emanates from this work. - ShapeshifterDNA

Sign of the Serpent : The Key to Creative Physics

by Mark Balfour

A very interesting book that delves into the symbolism and veneration of the Serpent in India , and how this information permeated many different cultures and belief systems. There is even a fascinating parallel drawn between India and the Aboriginal Dreamtime. The Serpent energy is explored in many aspects relating to not only the Kundalani life force, but the underlying quantum matrix of the Universe as well. Information about the spiralic patterns of manifestation, the electromagnetic currents of energy underlying perceived reality, and many other profound topics.

The information in this book is woven together in an engaging narrative that often tackles deep subjects from interesting "angles" and makes the insights drawn from these patterns of meaning accessible to seekers on many levels of awareness. - ShapeshifterDNA

cover Voyagers: The Sleeping Abductees (Volume I)

by Anna Hayes

The most comprehensive guide available on the hidden truth of the UFO phenomena, ET visitation and Visitor agendas, the mechanics of and purposes for Visitor contact/abductions and assisting abductees. Explores the realities of contemporary ET visitation, covert government dealings with Intruder ETs, the Zeta Earth take-over agenda, ET-human hybridization and hybrid pregnancies, historical involvement of ETs with humanity and the evolution of human consciousness, and protecting humans from present Intruder manipulation. Introduces Keylontic Morphogenetic Science and the Cellular Alphabet, the Silicate Matrix gene code, the Soul Matrix, the 6 Primary Levels of Identity model of multidimensional human consciousness and Keylontic Exercises for memory recall and bio-energetic field balancing.

Very intense reading, lots of historical data, but worth the time to ingest the information as it pertains deeply to our DNA. - ShapeshifterDNA

coverVoyagers: Secrets of Amenti Voyagers: The Secrets of Amenti:

By Anna Hayes

The most authoritative text available on the purposes, processes and mechanics of human evolution, preparation for the monumental events that will occur between 2000-2017, humanity's true origins and evolutionary destiny and the hidden purposes for the New Age Movement. Detailed information on Keylontic Morphogenetic Science, time mechanics, interdimensional planetary evolution, the science of Dimensional Ascension, integration of multi-dimensional identity, DNA mechanics and accelerated biological and spiritual evolution. Introduces a comprehensive model of 15-dimensional universal physics and the corresponding 15 Primary Chakra System and 12-strand DNA Silicate Matrix gene code. Discover the secrets of humanity's evolutionary destiny that have been hidden within our ancient, traditional and New Age sacred mystical and religious teachings.

Same as above, definitely will enhance your perspective of our DNA and it's future potential upon activation. - ShapeshifterDNA

coverUnraveling DNA : The Most Important Molecule of Life

by Maxim D. Frank-Kamenetskii

Written for both professionals and curious lay readers, Unraveling DNA is the definitive guide to understanding DNA: its history, how it works, as well as the latest findings.

Some easy to read scientific info about DNA. We recommend that you view some of this info also to learn about DNA from all angles. - ShapeshifterDNA

coverWe Are the Nibiruans : Return of the 12th Planet

by Jeliala Starr

The secret history of Planet Earth; the ET origins of the human species; the hidden purpose of the so-called junk DNA in our bodies; the Ancient Ones and their purpose. Jelaila Starr has been designated to work with those who are ready to receive the realignment and fusion of their twelve strands of DNA.

A definite must have in your collection. This is but one of many tools that Jeliala offers for DNA Recoding work, be sure to visit her website. - ShapeshifterDNA

Conscious Healing

by Sol Luckman

For those of you that really want to learn as much as you can about the various currents and teachings regarding the subject of DNA Activation, this is one you must put on your book list. Sol shares his amazing journey of healing to his discovery of the Regenetics Method.

Lots of great info here and some great research done by Sol...he has pulled together some of the greatest teachings and quotes from people in all related fields to bring this work forth. - ShapeshifterDNA


The DNA of Healing

by Margaret Ruby

Margaret Ruby, a pioneer and educator in the field of healing and the founder of PossibilitiesDNA, has developed a system for isolating and reversing inherited traumas and negative patterns. The DNA of Healing reveals her breakthrough five-step process that has helped people around the world neutralize the unconscious programming they have inherited and reset their genetic codes for total wellness and abundance.

Her process is a great way to initiate your recapitulation work you are doing with the soundscapes and she offers a very creative system using numbers to help you locate your various blocks related to different areas of your life. Check it out, you'll enjoy her contribution to the work. ~ShapeshifterDNA

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