The History of DNA Activation using Multidimensional Sound

This viewpoint on the history of DNA Activation comes from my direct and personal experience with this concept since I first became aware of it in 1987. There are many tools and techniques available at the present time to initiate the activation process. However, I am going to focus specifically on using multidimensional sounds to activate and awaken our multi-strand DNA codex, as developed by Gary Chambers.

NOTE: This article is excerpted from a larger piece that is part of the DNAvatar Program Module #2. Certain sections have been removed as indicated by “–snip–“.

Activate your DNA by ShapeshifterDNASound is the ideal carrier of data and information. It then makes perfect sense that if someone could create various combinations of wide spectrum frequencies and modulated harmonics that would resonate with our collective core DNA blueprints, the results and possibilities could be endless. This is not a scientifically based approach, but is one that expands on agreed upon principles and then takes a leap into the metaphysical realms and dimensions to bring forth new ways of viewing life and our existence. It is for those consciousness explorers that seek to be more, do more and become more than what has been before. This is one of the most powerful and transformational journeys for those who walk a path of conscious evolution.

DNA Activation is a spiritually based process of awakening the dormant potentials inherent in the multi-strand DNA codex.

This history of DNA Activation using multidimensional sound starts with the dedicated research and perseverance of one man, Gary Chambers. In his youth, he started with the single premise that there was more potential within our DNA codex than what science had determined by concluding that humans only need to utilize 3% of the entire DNA blueprint to function. Along with this was the belief that we only use 10% of our brain’s capacity.

All of Gary’s early studies and explorations revolved around the concepts that there was more to man’s purpose than being here in bodily form just to live a mundane existence of procreation, working at meaningless jobs, accepting the aging and disease patterns and imprints, and then to finally succumb to death. He just knew and felt deep within his being that there was more to our purpose and potential than this. So he decided to dedicate his life to discovering more.

His personal passion is in transforming the physical form (shapeshifting) into a body that renews itself, regenerates and replenishes itself based on intent and self-directed conscious evolution. He believes greater renewable longevity is possible through this process, leading eventually to the living potential of physical immortality. This belief is one of the key driving forces of intention behind all of his evolutionary soundscapes.


Gary started his process of bringing through these higher level transmissions by setting a clear and focused intent to awaken the dormant DNA codes that humanity has yet to activate. He then shamanically creates unique and original flows of sound harmonics and patterns of modulated sonic information packets. These sounds are then woven into compositions that are not only enjoyable to the ear but transmit volumes of multi-layered sonic information to the aware listener.

As a child of 5 years old (1960), Gary began his earth mission by playing music on the piano. Because of previous training in many past lives in sound and music, he didn’t need to study formal music theory again in a rote way. In many of his other lives he was trained in various styles of music and particularly remembers being an accomplished composer during the renaissance era playing classical music concerts alongside many of the greats at that time.

During his off planet missions and out of body travels, he learned about creating frequency based transmissions to convey higher levels of information. He does this by connecting his consciousness with advanced data streams via traveling on multidimensional sound waves. He recalled his related past life trainings in this area of study to support his life’s higher purpose and to further define his mission parameters while incarnate on Planet Earth during this current evolutionary cycle.

His musical transmissions, called soundscapes, support the uplifting of humanity on many levels from the denser, less conscious human to a more enlightened, aware and fully conscious being capable of grounding higher principles into tangible forms and actions. Sounds created with this intention are one of the most powerful ways to ascend and transform through the various dimensional potentials that our species is currently moving through. Each successive dimensional layer creates resonant bridges that assist the awakening and aware consciousness in anchoring itself to the next. Sound is the ideal vehicle for venturing into the many multidimensional realms of Light when directed by conscious intent.

As a young boy, while in the flow of his musical expression, Gary was able to deepen and continually expand his connection to the higher realms. As he would play, he could hear the sounds of a full orchestra playing along with him, which developed his clairaudient gifts greatly. Whereas most of us lose our connection to the spiritual realms by engaging in our 3D world of activities after the age of 5, he maintained that connection through harmonic resonance with the world of spirit.


For Gary, child of a single mother with a strong Christian background, it became a struggle between 2 souls both determined to hold on to their personal beliefs about the Soul’s journey through incarnations and what the essence of “Reality” really is. This relationship helped to strengthen his will power and determination to hold on to his own inner beliefs about the realms of spirit and what it means to be alive and more deeply aware in physical form. The music was always his refuge and his place of truth beyond all the external programming that was trying to persuade him otherwise.

It wasn’t until the early 70’s, when synthesizer and electronic keyboard technology was beginning to become more widely available that Gary would begin to re-create some of the sounds he was hearing from the other dimensional realms. Once he was able to start doing this, supported by these technological advancements, Gary’s world of sound and music truly started to manifest into the work he came here to do.

As a young man, he first explored playing with other musicians, but never found anyone who shared his deeper understanding of the spiritual and evolutionary power of sound. However his early explorations in the progressive rock genre proved to be a valuable addition to his talents as that style of music moved beyond pop genres and into classical-like compositions, fantasy story telling and melody lines that gave his music a special uniqueness and flavor. While he achieved some success and renown with this style of music, he knew deeply within that his music was meant for more transformational purposes and an audience that supported this evolutionary vision.

As a solo artist, seeking to share this type of music with others was a challenge at first. But then, around the 80s, the New Age genre of music started to emerge. It was a start, a nascent beginning to what Gary was sensing about the potentials of music. Music that would be created with the intention of awakening and activating audiences to their higher potentials. In 1986 Gary released his first album in this genre, called Healing. It was a calling to remember and a return back to one’s divine awareness of Self within the greater ALL. It was the grounded start of his commitment and dedication to following the sound as it guided him to create more and more advanced soundscapes for the souls who were ready to make the journey back into wholeness and ONEness with Source Vibration.


When I began to engage more deeply with Gary’s music, I realized there was something definitely unique and special in his transmissions. He had moved beyond the mental analysis part of understanding sound by creating algorithms and alternate tunings to effect the brain. He saw the music as a multidimensional holographic gateway into the magical realms of Spirit and as a Divine Union with the physical form to bring about all levels of healing and transformation.


Sound Design and quality of recording techniques has evolved greatly on the planet since the early 70s and you can hear this in all musical styles in popular genres. When combined with conscious awareness and an alignment with the multidimensional realms of Light and the gift of composing music without being limited by structure, format or rules you have the style of magical music that Gary is known for creating. He calls his genre of music Cyber Shamanic. He is now a master of this music and personally feels his best works have yet to emerge.

Gary no longer needs to focus on technique or pre-defined note structures and he is able to let go completely into the greater field of sonic data streams of awareness. It is a dance, a communion and a communication that he has developed with higher realms of information that is pure sound. These are data streams of creativity and potential that surround us at all times and yet are often just beyond our reach due to lack of focus and awareness.
When listening to Gary’s music you can develop the ability to tap into those streams of information and begin to understand profound levels of information without ever opening a book, taking a workshop or receiving hands on Shaktipat.


At the time of this writing (May 2015) Gary knows he still has a long way to go to bring through the sounds that will assist humanity in this current cycle of our collective ascension. Through his own processes of personal development and inner teachings he waits for the times when the next phases of his work will come through. Technology is always advancing, and this provides him with the tools he needs to continue to manifest his higher visions. These new tools make it easier for him to create without being stopped by slower computer CPU and hard drive processing speeds and allows his creativity to flow more freely. At this time, he prepares for moving into creating level three of the DNA Activation series. And so the History of DNA Activation using Multidimensional Sounds continues. Stay Tuned.

Manifestation Request: We are seeking individuals who would like to produce a documentary of Gary’s work on the planet. Video, copywriting & animations skills needed. Anyone with interest should contact JoAnn.

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