The Dangers of DNA Activation

DNA Activation by Gary & JoAnn ChambersWe could probably change this title to “The Dangers of DNA Activation using your Consciousness vs. the Dangers of DNA Manipulation using Gene Splicing.” This is where we are in our current timeline and while it seems the prevailing thought form on the planet is still widely in support of the science based protocols of manipulating the genome to build a better human. There are many who believe that self-directed evolution is something that the awakened and aware individual has a responsibility to anchor into the planetary grid. My sense is that we are at the same timeline when Atlantis and Lemuria fell and their was a planetary reset — ala cataclysmic end times. The divisions within humanity are taking place on many fronts. Each of us chooses what thought forms we support by how we live our lives on all levels and by how we interact with the greater matrix that envelops us all. The real danger in my mind is in not taking the appropriate action to assure that the human species survives and thrives during the next waves of evolutionary impulses that our planetary body is moving through. Increasing one’s Light Quotient via the DNA Activation process is paramount in our journey towards becoming self-aware and conscious of all our actions and behaviors, thereby becoming the rightful stewards of our beautiful Planet Earth/Gaia.

The awakening consciousness movement is a grass roots effort to encourage humanity to awaken to their innate inner potentials — to become self empowered. The essence of this consciousness is inviting and not overly aggressive or controlling in its nature. It does require one to go within and become fully conscious and responsible for all their actions and reactions to the world around them. The opposite of this would be those who feel entitled and believe that they deserve full command of the energy present within any situation they encounter. Two very opposing energy forces are at work in the 3D world of interactivity which are being played out repeatedly, resulting in the chaos, confusion and an overall disregard for honoring all life on Planet Earth.

The dangers of doing DNA Activation lie in this quagmire of unresolved energy dynamics. DNA Activation is an inward process based on ancient and modern cosmic spiritual principles. It is one of self discovery that allows an individual to truly discover their Soul Essence and their greater connection to nature, humanity and to Source Vibration/God. It is a mystical journey that has no absolutes which can be very disconcerting for many, especially in a world dynamic of imposed control structures that try to create a black and white existence in which one size fits all. The inward journey of self discovery is an unraveling of the labyrinth within an individual’s many lives filled with great love and great pain. It requires one to become fully aware of their actions and interactions with the world around them, taking responsibility for all occurrences and their outcomes. This self-reflectivity, at the present time, is not the dominant way of humanity. To take a deeper look within and discover one’s own areas of darkness is one of the most difficult journeys a Soul chooses to make. It is easier to live an unconscious life and grasp at whatever it is that your inflated ego desires in the moment, regardless of the effects on those around you. It is accepted social behavior to cover up discontent or physical symptoms with pharmaceuticals, drugs, food, sex and any other addiction that will turn you outward and away from your inner place of truth.

To protect and control humans from their true empowerment, intercessors have been put in place to repress the human consciousness from discovering the innate powers and potentials within. The basic functioning of the DNA codes allow one to access their higher templates only when they have met certain key initiations within their consciousness. It is really a brilliant system of higher intelligence and wisdom that has been proven to deliver results in many ways. When working in harmony with the environment and not in a manipulative stance, there is no limit to what we can achieve as we learn to come together through shared evolutionary consciousness.

So where is the danger? The danger is in learning to balance the ego with the process as well as digging too far into your darkness before you have the ability to navigate it from a place of self empowerment. It is actually one of the most important things a person can do for their evolutionary growth: to become fully self-aware and conscious is what is termed to live a truly self-examined life. The alternative to that is to allow those who seek control and manipulation to determine the direction of your life path. Give your power over to them so that you can seemingly experience a secure life. If you are not clear on the end game of that scenario, spend some time in our nursing home facilities and really get to know what is going on in there. This is just one of many inertial scenarios that you are agreeing towards when you play the game that way. This is the real danger of not actively participating in the awakening of your higher DNA potentials. You have a choice to claim your own empowerment. Are you ready to step into your divine Light and shine your gifts out into the world grid? Only you can say when you are ready to let go of the manufactured illusion that seems so real. It is a leap of faith, faith empowered by action.

I agree that DNA Activation work is not suitable for everyone at this time and that a certain amount of personal growth work is required. The physical body should be prepped prior to engaging deeply to clear out some layers of toxicity and density because the process does initiate a cleansing effect on the cellular structure. Most pre-awakened people are filled with layers of toxicity that when released too quickly can turn into a debilitating disease process, which most often leads them back into the health care system to further dampen their Light. A certain degree of psychological assessment work should be done so that a person already has some awareness of the dysfunctional family patterns they are operating life from. One’s life will quite possibly fall apart for a while until the new levels of Light Quotient are integrated into all aspects of their life path. People, places and situations that have been weighing one down will start to shift and relationships and jobs may change to accommodate a new level of awareness. Changes will occur and unless someone is ready to change, this will be disconcerting on various levels. Those around you will have great resistance to these changes and will do their best to pull you back into the old dysfunctional patterns as a place of known familiarity. This speaks to the statement that misery loves company. Be careful not to feel that you have to take everyone along the journey with you as this is always an individual decision and everyone has a limit as to how far they are willing to go within their lifetime. You have to go there first before you can show others that it is a safe space to be. It is your choice whether to remain tethered to the control structures version of life or to embrace the freedom of a greater manifestation. The journey is worth the effort and the freedom is worth the cost. Remain weak or become strong, your choice.

Our multidimensional DNA Activation music is a tremendous support structure in this process You always set the pace. It allows you to find your current level of resonance with the teachings of the DNA Activation concepts and move forward when you are ready. There is no peer pressure to convince you that you are more or less evolved than others. It is really a private journey that only you can fully embrace.

Because there are so many different levels of soundscapes we offer, you can expand your teachings and understanding of the process over the course of many years. If your outer world is in a difficult stage and you feel you are confused and living in a state of chaos most of the time, then taking the time to be still and drop into a soundscape journey will provide you with new directions that will help you avoid a potentially negative scenario from arising into your reality. You will learn how to step into the world of energy and learn to navigate your life into greater potentials and more positive timelines from this place of empowerment at all times.

There are a variety of tools and techniques available today and it is up to you to find the ones that have the strongest resonance with your current beliefs and perceptions of reality. We encourage you to study the subject so that the mental body can move the emotional body past any fear based scenarios that may be currently stuck in your bio-energetic matrix. Engage deeper when you feel balanced and in sync with the more expanded information that will come to you as you explore DNA Activation and it’s related topics.

To me, the real danger of DNA Activation awakening is in living life in a constant state of being asleep, never really knowing who you are and what your higher purpose for being incarnate in a human form on Planet Earth is. Anything that takes you away from discovering your own higher potentials serves the dark agendas of keeping you in a lower level of consciousness. It is choosing to be a puppet and be manipulated into believing in a life of limitations, controlled by someone else’s version of what your reality is. It is always your choice and anyone who tells you that awakening to your true sovereign divinity is wrong or dangerous to do is operating from a place of fear and collusion with the current frequency fence based planetary agendas. Claim your own sovereignty and step up fully into your highest potentials. There is nothing more important than this.

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