Personal Empowerment through Transmuting Dream State Energy

Q: I have started listening to the DNA Activation soundscapes while I sleep and I am noticing that I am having some really bad dreams. Can you tell me more about why this is happening and what I can do about them?

A: This is not uncommon to have happen throughout your beginning adventures with our multidimensional QSET music during your sleep time. This DNA Activation LevelOne series is designed to lift you to your highest potentials, but it will also take you into your hidden places in order to transmute your inner darkness. That heaviness will eventually drag you down on your journey towards a more enlightened state of being. This is an alchemical process and what we consider to be the true path to real personal empowerment.

There is great strength and power within our darkness, however most people fear venturing into those places because it is possible to get lost and to get consumed by it. This is a major fear in most religious-based teachings who recommend an intercessor as opposed to doing your own personal soul searching. This is one of the reasons we highly recommend that everyone develop a relationship with their Higher Self first and attain a solid spiritual foundation. That relationship is what will help you to navigate these dark corners with greater trust.

Activate Your DNA #1

AYD Training Program #1 to build spiritual foundation

Review our Activate Your DNA #1 Training Program for module on Connecting wth your Higher Self and others to help develop a solid spiritual foundation.

As you develop your skills over time, you will find that your dreamtime is a very powerful wellspring of information about you and your unfolding path. Most people, prior to their awakening and starting the activation process, treat dreams as some sort of fantasy world that just doesn’t really have any meaning to them in their 3D waking life. But to the evolving human, walking a path of conscious evolution, the dream state becomes a magical world filled with all kinds of information and clues to what is going on in the deeper levels of your being. Dreams with repeating themes and evolving scenarios are all important clues to help you navigate your evolutionary journey.

There are many ways to view your dream life and as you learn the language and symbology of the dream world it becomes a fascinating realm of self discovery. You should start to shamanically stalk this realm to search for higher meanings in your life. Keeping a journal is a great idea to help you connect the messages you receive. For the beginner, the first layers that will likely come up are the ones that have been hidden in what can be called the subconcious layers of the mind. These layers can be filled with all the various fears and traumas that we have experienced throughout our many lifetimes. Some are so dark and frightening, one would wonder why would we want to bring these things up to our aware consciousness. What I have come to discover through my own process is that the more I am willing to see the darkness that is within me and face it, the less fear I carry in my 3D life. Thus the more personal empowerment I feel to face whatever life events come my way. Plus the more power I have to live the life I want to live.

Through the process of recapitulation of this hidden energy comes power and strength that you can utilize in many ways in your life. If you are emotionally fragile or mentally unstable, the I don’t recommend this work, but if you are here to be a spiritual warrior, then it is a necessity that you uncover all these areas that weaken you and take your power. Remember these soundscapes are Empowerment frequencies and in order to do that you have to transmute the areas within you that are of a lower, denser vibration

Activate Your DNA #2

A guided program to help you develop techniques for working with the DNA Activation soundscapes by ShapeshifterDNA.

The first phase of working with the DNA Activation process is to clear out what we call dross – pockets of density, darkness, inertial energy – when this first happens, it appears in dreams and visions during meditations to give you clues as to what it is that you need to release and clear. You can use the music as a teacher/guide to help you resolve this energy. If you wake up in a dream, write down as much as you can remember about it. Then when meditating with the music from an aware state of consciousness, go back into those dreamscapes with your aware self and ask whatever questions you need to find answers to, in order to process the information. You will learn to become more energetic in your perceptions of reality and you can then navigate your way through these spaces by learning how to move, shift and change energy. Several of the exercises in the Activate Your DNA #2 Training Program will help you develop these skills.

FOLLOW UP RESPONSE: this is pretty cool…..after i last heard from you I just had one more bad dream which made it clear that this was genetic “past life” crap getting released (meaning ancestral memories coded in my DNA) and after that one the bad dreams stopped completely. Now i’m experiencing physical vibrations that are getting clearer and stronger — very bizarre and unmistakable. I’ve had some experience with meditation, breathwork and energy, but i’ve never felt a vibratory center in my feet before, or on top of my head. The more I use these DNA soundscapes the easier the centers “turn on” and the stronger they get. Looking forward to seeing if anything else “opens up” with this, although I’m already pleased enough with the results I’ve seen in the first month that even if this is “it” — it’s still pretty freakin’ cool…

Here are a few books I have used over the years to help me gain deeper insights to my dreams that you might enjoy.

Please share your thoughts and experiences using the music to reveal hidden messages in your dream states in the comments section below.

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