Out of Body Experiences / OOBE

Q: When listening to your music, I found myself seeing my body from above. I was so afraid and I just wanted to come back. I learned of out of body experiences after this and wanted to ask more about it.

A: It is very common for people to go out of body while listening to our music. Sometimes this happens spontaneously and can be quite scary if one is not aware or familiar with the concept. It is also something that you can learn to consciously do as you gradually work with the music over time. This requires practice to develop your energy body muscles. There are several exercises in the AYD #2 training DVD that help you with this.

Activate Your DNA #2

Training Program for DNA Activation

Wikipedia describes and out of body experience (OOBE) as  “an experience that typically involves a sensation of floating outside one’s body and, in some cases, perceiving one’s physical body from a place outside one’s body.”

I have had many people talk with me about this over the years and it only makes sense when you start to understand the deeper potentials of working with this type of sound. When you intend to awaken and activate your multidimensional selves via the music, you are going to stimulate sensations in your higher etheric bodies that you were unconscious of before. Each night when you move into your dreaming body, you are having an out of body experience, so it is something your being is already familiar with and has resonance with. You just don’t have the expanded consciousness developed at this point to be able to be fully aware of how to control it. It is possible that you have been lucid during a dream and realize on some level you are you and that you are dreaming. This can also be an aspect of the training you need to engage with to begin consciously having out of body experiences.

The fear involved in an OOBE stems from a variety of potential situations in your pastlives as well as current life. In just thinking for a moment what it must be like to die and knowing that you have done this perhaps thousands of times and many of those times, you were not ready to go yet. These feelings of not knowing where you are going or if you will be safe are imprinted in your current DNA matrix. The sensations that arise in the body temple when this fear emerges begins with anxiety that often feels like you are going to disappear, dissolve or move towards annihilation — extreme fear. All of these experiences are familiar to each of us and we can cover them up with lots of behaviors and substances so that we never have to experience them.

Starting with some conscious awareness and a little intellectual exploration into these subjects is a good idea so you get a little more comfortable with what is occurring. Working with the music gradually to expand your awareness of your etheric body is a very powerful technique. And you can take it slowly and gradually until you feel more comfortable with the feelings that arise. Everytime a fear based sensation arises, just turn up your Light Quotient and that will help to begin the de-coding process in your DNA of this imprint.

So the question might be “Why would I want to do this anyway?” – well for one thing it is just really cool to do and feels amazing when you can fully embody those feelings of freedom and expanse. The connection to the Universal Energy Field and Source Vibration is so potent in this state that you will feel like you have made that direct connection to your inner guidance where knowledge and information flows freely. Take a peek at that Wikipedia link above and I’m sure you be even more intrigued.

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