Shifting towards Lucid Dreaming States

Q: I recently ordered ReJuva and The Odyssey. I have been listening to them on a regular basis and had an experience the other night that I would appreciate your commenting on.  I am working on manifestation issues. About six months ago when I began working on manifestation issues in earnest I began to feel physical symptoms of being stuck or held back. Immersed in a Sea of SoundThe other night I listened to ReJuva right before falling asleep. I am not really sure if I woke up or not as the dream I had that I woke up from was so real. In the dream I tried to get up out of bed to go to the bathroom. The harder I tried to get up out of bed the harder it became. I made it up out of bed once only to fall against the night stand. I supported myself against the wall and got back into bed telling myself I was dreaming and in fact remarked about the content of the dream to myself. I laid there telling myself that there was no reason I shouldn’t be able to move and it was just some form of communication or confirmation of the issues I am working on. I got up the next morning and the night stand was not in disarray as it had been in my dream so I am not sure which parts were dreaming and which parts were waking remembrances. I have been extremely tired ever since. Going to bed early, sleeping late and taking naps in the afternoon. I have been drinking lots of water and resting. Any thoughts to share??

A: This is a common event in this DNA Activation journey, so not to worry, you are just starting to make your way into the other dimensions – at first you have to learn to discard more of the control you tend to have in thinking the physical body must always come along with you. This is the shapeshifting process you are going through and lucid dreaming is all part of this awakening journey. As you shift out of your thoughts that the physical body needs to come along and more into moving around with your energy body, you will go through these types of symptoms and experiences for a while. They do progress and you will know from your dreamscapes that you are evolving and growing – journal the progression and you will see what I mean. This is the place where the 3D training wheels start to come off and you start to learn how to flow with directed intent.

The stuck or held back energy is obviously very gooey and creates a lethargic feeling overall – within a lifetime of non movement for most humans, you can see how this really takes hold of a being, ultimately plunging them into slowed movement, dis-ease and ultimately death. You are choosing to break free of this and stop the process and also reverse what has already occurred. So with that understanding you can see why there is need for the feelings you are describing. Certainly distortions in realities are going to play a major role initially — am I dreaming, is this real, what is real anymore? The best thing to do is what we say …learn to Modulate the Lifewave…you have to flow with these shifts and changes from an observer state and just watch and observe what is occurring. Fear will pull you back and out of the experience. As you learn to inject your higher thoughts and your intent into the process, this is where you will find your manifestation abilities will increase; because you will push beyond your previous limitations. When you can’t move…. stop and be aware of that and then rather than try to move the physical form, start to move the etheric form with your thoughts.

Activate Your DNA #2

A guided program to help you develop techniques for working with the DNA Activation soundscapes by ShapeshifterDNA.

I would recommend the AYD #1 Training Program and especially the AYD #2 Training Program. Both together will give you a variety of energetic explorations to play with as you are working your way through these odd, sometimes uncomfortable stages of evolution. Remember the music is always there supporting you, guiding you and goading you forward. You didn’t mention which CD you were on, but DNA  #3 and #4 and Shamballa really start to push you gently, nudging you and lovingly guiding you forward into these spaces. Remember to stay in your comfort zone with them, do enough to keep moving forward, but don’t push as it will throw you off balance and then you have to regress (tired, detox, lethargic). Respect and honor the flow of all life around you – which includes remaining grounded in 3D as well as flying off into multidimensional realms of Light.

Being tired is because you are learning and you are initially resisting because of the unknown factor (fear)…the more you let go into it…the more you learn to become the sound, dissolving into pure energy while still holding an aware state of consciousness…the easier, more fluid these journeys will become and you won’t feel tired like this. It does sound good what you are doing and rest is important….. as you are transforming – you know that is not going to happen without some effects to the physical body. Be not concerned – all is in divine order and this is what you asked for. With that said, you always have to work within your own comfort levels and as your fears arise, you have to work through them in whatever way is necessary. Breath in more and  more light to lift the energy of heaviness in your field.

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