The Process of Listening to Multidimensional Music

Q: I am getting confused as to exactly HOW I should be listening and WHAT I should be listening to first and then in what order I should proceed….of course this confusion has led to NOT listening…which is NOT what I want but is actuality…

A: It is really very common for people to initially get excited to get started with this type of work and then back off for a variety of reasons. At a core level, what is being asked of you is something that arises from deep within and it will require change and deep inner reflection. So it is natural that fears, resistances and avoidance scenarios will arise at first. A part of you is ready to awaken to new possibilities of what it means to walk through life in a fully conscious aware state of being. The self examination aspect of it takes focus and dedication to follow through with — amidst all the distractions from the world around us. Using our various soundscapes as a part of walking this journey allows you to take all of this at a pace in which you can integrate easily into the life you are already living. The music should not require you to change your life in any way initially. This means that you just play it when you can in whatever settings you find yourself in where you could easily put the music on. So you can be actively engaged in other activities while still having the music fill your environment with sounds and frequencies that have the intention to lift and raise your Light Quotient.

Become the Music

Visual guide to dissolving into the music

Now the best time to “work intentionally” with the music might be when you go to sleep or when you wake up. You don’t have to change your current schedule at all. As you go off to sleep, put one of the soundscapes on and breath deeply, let go, relax and begin to allow the sounds to vibrate and pulsate within and around your body. You will start to feel areas that are touched by these sounds in many ways. Sometimes it is just surface level chills or sensation, but gradually you feel twitches and pops in the body in many places; you may even jerk sometimes as adjustments are being made on cellular levels. The nervous system is being rewired to accommodate these new frequencies so adjustments will be made. Sometimes very unusual areas will respond either with pain or pleasure. The idea is not to dwell on these things or even stop the process, but to notice them and breath even deeper along with the music, telling yourself to let go and relax deeper into the sounds. This is the Become the Music technique that we share in our

Activate Your DNA #2

Training Program for DNA Activation

Activate Your DNA #2 DVD training package. You can view it online either on YouTube or on our website as a Flash Movie. You should also do this practice when you wake up as often you can go deeper because you are already relaxed from sleep. Try it out and see which works best for you and ideally do it both before and after sleep.

Doing this enhances your daytime active listening sessions as well, as you will begin to notice the sounds in the distance and at times you will bring them up to your awareness and have a “moment of bliss.” All of this will signify that you are awakening more and more and beginning to activate the higher DNA codes to start releasing more information to you. This is where you start to begin a dialog and an engagement with the multidimensional intelligence that surrounds us at all times. The music will start to open doorways of knowledge, guidance and wisdom that you can step into and begin to establish resonance with; communications.

There are several ways that you can engage with our work and it is always up to you how fast and how far you choose to go. Trying to decide which soundscape to work with first or next can be confusing, but you will also learn to trust your guidance as to when it is time to move to the next step.

We can offer assistance as needed and we do have a  program called DNAvatar where we walk you through it step by step which can really be helpful. We provide continuous support throughout your journey with our products and services, so just know that you can always connect with me when you need some guidance on where to go next or on what is happening with you as you are exploring this work further.

Getting confused or trying to figure it out is really the antithesis to this work – it is about letting the mental body take a break and feeling your way into this adventure. So there are no right or wrongs with it, just letting yourself flow into the process and not judge it one way or the other. As you do this, gradually your Soul level essence will begin connecting to a higher level of wisdom within you and you will begin to just know what to do. Your outer world manifestations will begin to flow more in alignment with what is taking place within you and you will become keenly aware of these connections. But again, it is not something you can THINK your way into. Let go, relax, be still and dissolve into the sounds gradually.

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