Initial Listening Sessions

Q: I have started the journey by listening to the DNA Activation LevelOne 1-4.  I’m just wondering if I am getting any results.  The first CD doesn’t feel like it is doing much.  I am getting wonderful insights but not shaking up much.  I have been listening to the music in the background and active listening once a night before I go to bed. The first time I listened to the CD, I didn’t feel like I was there, like I had no body.  Yet I was coming in and out of awareness, but I wasn’t sleeping.  The subsequent times, I have just been coming in and out of awareness and nothing more.  I then started listening to the second CD for a bit of a shakeup.  I can’t seem to go past 15 minute mark, something just butts in like my baby starts crying or the phone rings (at 11pm at night!) etc.  It is a bit frustrating. It might be wise to say that both my child and I have a cold.  Nothing serious, just a runny nose and tired/grumpy.  I read somewhere that if one is raising their energy so to speak, they can take on flu like symptoms. I’d really like your assurance that this is normal.

A: I think what you are experiencing is very normal, if there is such a thing in this work. I’m not sure what you would want to be experiencing if you were to shake things up more, like what does that really mean to you or how would that actually look/feel. It sounds like you have responsibilities around you so you don’t really want things to shake up too much as the others around you will also be affected. From what you say about  your initial experiences of listening to the first soundscape you are beginning to take in the higher frequencies within the soundscape and they are moving around the body making the necessary adjustments to increase your Light Quotient. The music will do this from here on and will gradually boost you when you are able to receive it. You are going to have times when the music is clearly working on something that is UP for you. This can result in physical detoxing, emotional releases, sadness, depressions or anxiety. The symptoms of DNA Activation is so varied and you will experience many of them over a period of time as you continue to increase your Light Quotient. Sleeping will be really needed at times to allow the body to make these adjustments, so do your best to set your life up so this is possible when needed. Receiving insights about your life path and purpose is a very powerful part of just being still and listening to the music and letting is wash over you and through you. If you allow the mind to make the determination/judgement about what is happening, you will miss the real work being done.

It is common as humans to expect strong, powerful outward results immediately before we determine we are getting results. Yet the real work of DNA Activation happens on the subtlest of levels – keep in mind we are going down to the quantum levels of reality here. Going so deep within and still holding an aware state of consciousness is where the real Power is found. It is in that place that you will truly discover who you are, what you are doing here and where you need to direct your energy forward to the next level. The outer world will grab at you and push and pull you in many directions, many of which are not at all in alignment with your higher path and purpose. Your first experience where you describe that you were not really there and that you didn’t have a body is the state you want to attain each time you listen. This may or may not happen depending on what you have going on in your life and how busy your mental body is at that time. That was a great indication that as you were listening deeply you were drinking up the frequencies and that something new was definitely occurring and things were being shaken up. Don’t expect something powerful or significant each time you listen deeply, as the higher aspects of you know what the right sequence of awakening is best for you. There is a lot of ground work for you to do to process this information as it comes in and adjusts your personal frequency spectrum. As you expand and become more and more multidimensional in your awareness, the music will find new ways to move into those places and offer you information to help you continue. Be very aware of what comes into your field of awareness as the world of Light will work to communicate with you through synchronicity and symbols and seemingly odd situations or events. Pay Attention.

Activate Your DNA #2

Training Program for DNA Activation

The AYD Training Program offers you a variety of exercises you can begin to practice that will enhance your deeper listening experiences and offer you some tools to work with as you engage. Be sure too that you are listening during your deep sessions with either a good set of headphones or an external sound system that has the volume turned up. The external system should have a good fidelity range from the low end (woofer) to the very high end (tweeter).

If your mental self decides to make the decision that you need to go on to the next soundscape before your spiritual self is really ready for that, it will find unique and clever ways for that to happen – like always making the baby cry 15 minutes into the soundscapes. I could tell you many stories of the unique ways Spirit figures out how to get you to stop listening and go back to the one you were working on. I would take that as one of those message that you are not quite ready yet for #2. I would also take a moment to discover the energy of frustration that arises when this interruption occurs and work through that energy, you may find all kinds of new awarenesses within that space. Discover the energy behind the statements that you want something to be “shaken up” and that will lead you into some interesting directions in your consciousness. You are peeling an onion with many layers trying to really discover what is at the core. So many layers are built up around us from pastlives and this life’s many events so that we don’t truly know who we are or what we want. Let the process unfold gradually and enjoy the wow moments you have but also appreciate the times when things are adjusting and there is a subtlety to the experience – beyond words or definitions. I like to think of a pendulum that is spiraling up all the time. We go back and forth for a while and then every once in a while we pop up into a new space. I think of the back and forth as shifting from our darker aspects to our lighter aspects and processing that data to move towards resolve all the time. Once we GET that, we then are initiated into a new level.

Once you do get through all four of the soundscapes for the first pass, you are going to continue listening to them all as they will continue to support you on your evolutionary journey. They will actually release new frequencies as you are able to take more on, so that even after years of listening, you can still have new awakenings into new insights. Even though we have been working with the L2 soundscapes for many years now, we will keep the LevelOnes in the que and appreciate them deeply when they cycle through as there is still sonic sustenance in there for us to absorb. New views on old patterns is always an eye opener as you continue to step further on your awakening path of Light.

The cleansing and detoxing is part of the process of taking in  more Light, so do your best to honor that and keep shifting your diet when you can. Most people find that a more live foods diet supports this work better, but you will have to discover this for yourself as you continue. Make adjustments when you really feel ready as opposed to forcing yourself or you just end up back in an old pattern of frustration and lack. Because you are doing this with a baby, you have to be more watchful of the energy configurations going on between the two of you as you go further. The body is going to continually make adjustments as it shifts from density to taking on more Light, so you will need to be sensitive to these signals.

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