Feeling Tired after DNA Activation

Q: I’ve had several remote DNA Activation sessions with a healer. Since then, I’ve been feeling extremely tired and weak and it’s like I feel very very old (I am 44). Can this be a possible symptom after DNA activation? 

DNA in LightA: Let me first say that initially getting activated is really just the first step in a long journey that unfolds all the time from here on. So with that said, sure it is possible, but I wouldn’t really look for some place other than inside Self to find answers for what you are currently experiencing. Your guidance is trying to show you something very important. Unfortunately one of the best ways to get our attention is to use pain or discomfort in the physical body as a method — to create symptoms that capture our attention. These annoying symptoms nudge you to seek answers on a very deep level. Your body can often scream out for you to notice something is not in alignment with your higher spiritual path and purpose. Pay careful attention as this is the beginning stages of learning how to communicate with your DNA.

One of the things we like about our approach using our multidimensional music is that it constantly supports you through these ups and downs in energy flows. The more you learn to become energy in motion and see the world as an energetic experience that you consciously participate in, the easier this will be for you to understand. Dropping into the music each day and dissolving into sound, becoming formless, starts to point out the areas in your life that need attention as density vs. lightness become much clearer to you in this state. As you dig deeper into your stuff, in all areas of your life, you will find the areas that need attention by the density/darkness/heaviness that it starts to reveal to you. This will definitely make you tired on some levels.

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Visit our Amazon Store for complimentary products

For you, it would appear that what is up for you is to do some work on your physical body. This may mean you will need to take a serious look at your diet and your cleansing and detoxing programs. Our food supply has been tampered with in many ways over the past several generations and in order to really nuture a light body in development, you will need to do some research. Removing certain items from your diet that are toxic and adding more live foods and those that are organic will bring more lightness into your being and make you feel less tired. The body has to work really hard each day to clean out chemicals, preservatives and genetically modified foods, which all lead to a very tired body. The DNA Activation process initiates the awakening of the Light body and so in order for you to fully awaken, you will need to do things in your life that create less work on your cells to clear this out each day.

Detoxing regularly is also very important and if you have never done any detoxing then you might need to begin with that. Get some advice for a good natural health care provider before you begin this journey as it will help you to do it with as much ease as possible. We offer some ideas and suggests in our Amazon AStore for you to consider.

If you have situations in your life that are toxic, like relationships or job environments, then those too will need to be raised to the light by clearing out the emotional energy that no longer serves your new being of Light.

DNA Activation LevelOne Series

The beginning 4 soundscapes in the DNA Activation LevelOne series.

Movement is going to become key to your on-going unfolding journey with awakening your DNA. Exercise in a new way, with a new perspective on what you are doing and how you are doing it. You can still do some of the same old routines you used to do, but add an overlay of conscious awareness to the process now. For example, if you are a runner, you can now begin to fully engage the body in a symbiotic relationship of raising the vibration along with exercising the muscles and pumping your heart. As you jog, swim or work out, listen to the music, let it sink in down to the cells and as you are working out, don’t just push the body to its limits physically, challenge it to rejuvenate and revitalize down to the cellular levels as you are doing it.

A great intro book to learn more about our work with multidimensional sound and music.

A great intro book to learn more about our work with multidimensional sound and music.

Connect with your DNA servitor and use the time to make affirmations and set intentions for your manifestation goals. Conscious dance and movement work is an excellent form of conscious exercise as it allows you to fully engage in the unique and wondrous movements of the body on all levels. Yoga is probably one of the most potent forms of movement work you can engage with as well, as there is boundless collective energy built up on the planet within this system. Before you go to sleep at night, put on the music, do some yoga and prepare yourself for a deep meditation journey. The rejuvenation aspects of this simple practice will enhance your life force and prepare the body for cleansing and releasing toxins throughout the night so you can wake up refreshed and renewed.

Working with our DNA Activation music regularly will assist you greatly in learning how to flow more consistently with the changes that are naturally going to occur as you continue to raise the Light Quotient in your being. Several other suggestions for you will be to read The Sonic Keys: Sound, Light & Frequency and our ReJuva: The Secret to Abundance – both these books will shed more light on how the DNA Activation process can enhance your life force.

A great book to help you understand how sound and music can help you to rejuvenate and connect with all levels of Abundance energy.

A great book to help you understand how sound and music can help you to rejuvenate and connect with all levels of Abundance energy.


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