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DNA Activation Soundscapes for Conscious Evolution

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About DNA Activation

DNA Activation is a spiritually focused process of awakening dormant potentials within the multidimensional human DNA codex. Our Intention is to unlock these codes using our multidimensional music & sound.

DNA Activation is a very new topic for consideration in your life. It really started to rise up in the grass roots consciousness circles in the late 1990s. As you research the topic you are going to find all kinds of themes and variations on the approach. We suggest you do some research to find out what makes the most sense for your particular life path at this time. We offer transparency and an abundance of information for you to explore our body of work. We believe that an aspect of this work is that you feel confident in the qualifications of those offering you support and guidance. Their background experiences regarding the potential results is important in choosing the right teaching or method for you; as well as the accessibility, responsiveness and openness to those creating it. The financial exchange you offer anyone doing this work should be in alignment with what you receive. It is a gesture of respect to honor them for their dedication to the path of awakening consciousness.

Gary & JoAnn Chambers have been actively engaged with this work since 1989. They call this the official date but still as one looks back over their lives, they can see how it was all coming together to be prepared to one day call this their "Life's Work." In 1989, they grounded the work to the 3D grid by designing a sound & light healing space they now call The Odyssey Sound & Light Healing Temple. It was one of the first Energy Enhancement Environments on the planet at this time. This room became their initial Research & Development environment. Not only using it to work on themselves, but also for the many clients that JoAnn was seeing at that time for her massage, bodywork and spiritual healing practice. These clients would become the initial feedback for what they were being guided to eventually offer on a global scale. Visit JoAnn's 3rd Eye website and to learn more about her available sessions.

The Odyssey contains a sound table and a variety of external elements to keep the energy levels in the room at a consistently high vibration. Gary was able to plug his musical equipment directly into the sound table. Clients who would come in for a session would receive custom music in a live real-time setting while receiving a healing session from JoAnn. The telepathic connection between Gary and JoAnn was attuned to whatever process the client was going through which was reflected in the musical sounds & patterns. It was from this 10 year research phase (1989-1999) of their work that the initial DNA Activation LevelOne series was birthed and the concept of Quantum Sonic Empowerment Transmissions (QSET) emerged. Its official public release was in early 2000 in the form of the 4 DNA LevelOne soundscapes.

Since then they have created an entire catalog of music (25 CDs as of March 2018 / 4 Retired) that supports the evolutionary journey of humanity at this time. They continually learn and grow and deepen in their understanding of the work and what can be attained at this time in our collective evolution. The work evolves along with their personal journey as well as the planetary emergence into the higher realms of Light; 5th World templates. They released DNA 1.5 Lucidity and the DNA.L2 series to expand the work of building the foundational templates with the LevelOne series. Starting in 2016, they are now working on receiving the DNA Level3 series. This series begins the Temple of the Divine MUSE (Music Unifies Spiritual Energy). This starts as a virtual space on YouTube where you can listen to their music. If you enjoy, consider supporting them on their Patreon page or just follow them to hear about updates to this project.

The name ShapeshifterDNA emerged from a life altering experience in the amazon rainforest in 1990. Teachings for many plant teachers were received and continue to be integrated as their consciousness reaches the next levels. This name reflects the ongoing process of shapeshifting from our dense 3D bodies into our 5D bodies of Light - what is called Ascension. It further speaks to the work that Gary does with sound, by shaping and shifting it to align with this ascending journeying into the higher realms of Light.

Personal spiritual guidance support for this work is provided by JoAnn "Shivanti" - she has been working with clients on this journey for over 30 years. Through the use of the music, she developed her intuitive/psychic abilities and offers a "Spiritual MRI" to help you understand the condition of your spiritual bodies and how that is affecting your current lifepath. The initial session includes a look a the condition of each of your chakras, a view of your entire auric field and a review of any predominant pastlife imprints you are working on resolving in this lifetime. All of this impacts what is going on int he physical body and the on-going dis-ease processes. Insights into the bigger picture can help you understand the whys of what you have created and provide solutions to shift those probably realities. Death as viewed by current accepted realities begin to shift towards conscious dying and conscious ascension which leads one towards a path of self-realization, enlightement and immortality. Visit her website for spiritual guidance at The 3rd Eye. If you want to speak with her before requesting a session, we suggest that you click on the Live Chat link.

More in-depth information about this work is available in our ebook series, The Sonic Keys: Sound, Light & Frequency and The Sonic Keys: DNA Activation 101, as well as reading the DNA Activation Book by Gary & JoAnn. You can also visit their main website, VisionaryMusic.com, for more expanded insights into their work and play, as well as viewing many of their other soundscapes and creative works.

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