DNA Activation Music Soundscapes for Conscious Evolution of our 12 Strand DNA

Activate Your DNA - DNA Activation

DNA Activation Soundscapes for Conscious Evolution

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DNAvatar Program

DNA Avatar is a personal decision to dedicate a part of your life path to the unfolding journey of activating your DNA with ShapeshifterDNA's musicThis DNAvatar program brings all the teachings together from the last 33 years of our research with DNA Activation, via frequency-based sound, into an easy to follow program. There will be many modules created to share our knowledge of DNA Activation using our multidimensional QSET soundscapes. If you are new to our work, this is the best place to start your explorations as it will take you step by step through the informaiton you will need to achieve the best results. Even if you have already been working with the soundscapes, you will still gain a lot of additional knowledge from working with each of the modules in the DNAvatar Program.

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