DNA Activation Music Soundscapes for Conscious Evolution of our 12 Strand DNA

Activate Your DNA - DNA Activation

DNA Activation Soundscapes for Conscious Evolution

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DNA Activation: Using Multidimensional Sound & Music to Awaken Humanity's Highest PotentialsDNA Activation book by Gary & JoAnn Chambers explaining more details about using our soundscapes to activate your DNA and to awaken your highest potentials

This book contains more extensive information regarding our approach to DNA Activation through music/sound as well as answers to many frequently asked questions regarding this topic. We also share the history of our DNA Activation/Sound Healing research and how utilizing higher consciousness music can assist in your transformational processes. This book is highly recommended to increase your understanding and to enhance the effectiveness of working with the soundscapes.

Contents Include:
• Down the Rabbit Hole - The Red Pill
• What is DNA Activation?
• Our Approach to DNA Activation
• Activating DNA via Multidimensional Sound
• Exploring Frequency Spectrums
• Building & Expanding Frequency Range
DNA Activation back cover copy • DNA Activation LevelOne
• Unfolding Teachings of a Sonic Mystery School
• Truth Emerging within Sound
• Blending with other Programs & Teachings
• Active vs. Passive Listening
• Expanding your Consciousness
• 12 Strands & Beyond
• A Journey into the Lands of Science
• Effects & Benefits
• Listening Suggestions
• About the Creators
• The Creation Begins
• Recapitulation Journal

(88 pages 8x10 color - also available on Amazon's Kindle)
Visionary Music, Inc. | Published: First Edition 2000, Latest Edition | Language: English | Genre: Spiritual, Self-Help | ISBN: 978-1442159136


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Reviews on DNA Activation Book

Excellent set and guide booklet, this is a welcome asset to my spiritual library. I have been working with the set for about 2 weeks. I have been working with my spiritual expansion for the last 8+ years. As a Reiki Master, I am into vibrations/energies and I find these awesome. I am currently on CD #3 and will probably move to #4 today. I cannot give you any specifics on what these CDs have done for me yet, because I do a variety of things already, so I cannot attribute anything specific to these CDs except that I find an awesome range of electronic vibrations intermixed on these CDs and have experienced various feelings and knowings while listening. You can meditate with these if you like. You can likely listen to them while driving. Some CDs would cause you to drift away. I don't think these would, but of course you would have to decide that for yourself. You could also just play them in the background. Recommended use by the vendor is in a good stereo system without earphones for maximum applicability on all body levels (physical/etherial/astral), but you can also play them with earphones. Of course, you hear them better with a good set of Bose ear cuffs rather than ear buds. They actually feel like they are "programming" you. They are not what most people would call music. They are synthesized electronica type music and sound very new-age.

The guide paper says they are intended to awaken and release the codes within your DNA, so that you can better actualize your dreams and desires and live your life in abundance. There are truly awesome vibrations on these CDs. You may find some moments in the Cds feel a little awkward sometimes, but only until you get used to them. I think a few of the vibes just feel "funny" the first time you hear them. The vibes seem to be interspersed between each other in fequencies so that if something feels a little strange, it's only for a minute or two. According to the guide, each CD covers an increasing range of vibrational frequencies, so they move you slowly to the ability to cover the full frequenconic range.

The guide book suggests you listen to each CD a minimum of 7 times before moving on to the next CD. The guide book provides some basic info about the intention of the music and about the DNA coding within you. I love the set and also have their CD "The Odyssey" for balancing chakras and harmonizing the auric field. I plan on purchasing additional CDs in this line of products. I do believe they are valuable. I have many many many vibrational CDs from many different vendors and I really like these a lot. By the way, I entitled this review as vibratory sound "healing," because, if it does in fact activate or increase your vibration, it could contribute to healing.

Kathy W (Baltimore, MD, USA)

These four CD's come with a DNA Activation Guidance Manual, which will assist you through a personal awakening and activation of your DNA. I have been working with these CD's on my own and also with some friends on occasion. We all found that by talking each other through the DNA activation sequence (details in Guidance Manual) that we experienced a "leap" in intuitive abilities and we all felt a change over the next few days. I've done Theta Healing prior to receiving these CD's and have found that it assists me during personal Theta healing practices also. I would recommend these CD's to anyone who is looking for music that will assist them in their spiritual development, personal healing or any other type of "lightwork."

M. Dolan (Australia)

Yes...I have received my first DNA soundscape and looking forward to #2 this week....it is all I could do to not call or email to send it on ....I have listened to DNA #1 and have found that every time I listen I experience something new....I have listened with my earphones, (mostly at night before I go to sleep) and on the computer with realmusic and the vibrations play with the color patterns. I also have surround sound and enjoy this as do my animals...even my betta! I am learning more and more with the reading of the DNA Activation book as this is a helpful tool and use this in visionary experiences. The energy I am receiving is noticeable, I have more energy now and it is improving every day. I have been eating better and sleeping better, mind is more focused, clearer...tuning higher. Looking to further shifts and learning....