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Activate Your DNA - DNA Activation

DNA Activation Soundscapes for Conscious Evolution

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DNA.Level3 – DNAvatar

Initiation Date: 1.1.2016

DNA.Level3 is for those adventurous souls who are ready to embody the higher initiations of DNA Activation and are committed to walking the path of becoming a DNAvatar.

Transformational Sound Healing is a powerful process of using our multidimensional soundscapes as a carrier wave to initiate the transmutational flows from a matter based human to a being of higher vibrational Light. Being able to consciously navigate that transition from both polarities is where we are heading with the DNA.Level3 series. Many are ready now to move into the realms of 5th World consciousness and the next steps require an intentional grounding of these higher transmissions into our 3D earth based reality constructs. Everyone who chooses to participate has specific roles to play in this manifestation. These Level3 creations provide assistance on many levels to attain your personal and planetary goals.

With the DNA.Level3 frequencies we shift off the labyrinth of limited mental based concepts and theories into pure consciousness -- experiential knowingness. There are fewer words to describe this approach as this is something that awakens within each individual the next tangible steps to take in their journey of conscious evolution.

With this series of soundscapes we will be bringing forth the needed MFPs (multidimensional holographic frequency packets) to counteract the dampening inertial effects of designed technology controls that are now being diffused through the planetary grid. This music will become a higher level antidote to assist you in lifting and maintaining sovereign higher consciousness states of true empowerment beyond the reach of the control structure matrix.

We begin these transmissions with an advanced chakra balancing soundscape that assists in unifying all the auric layers of your being into a more powerful resonant field of Light. The foundational templates from the LevelOne and the awakening lucidity waves from 1.5 to the more complex patterns within the L2 series provide all the necessary grounding work for this more expanded adventure into the ascension process.

The DNA.Level3 series will consist of various soundscapes and a series of TranceMissions that will engage and entertain your evolving consciousness towards actualizing the more evolved attributes for those who walk a path of Conscious Evolution.

Soundscape Release: 6.1.16

Odyssey | Empowerment

We begin this Level3 series with an updated version of our Chakra Balancing soundscape. This will include balancing the basic 7 chakras, but also expand to the Advanced Chakra system of 1-15 and beyond. Review MORE EXPANDED INFO here.

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